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A great companion for ultimate combat. I usually prefer playing combat characters, but From a Cornish Window helps make magic users more fun and interesting. I've bought all the hardcover pfrpg books on and I had yet to be disappointed. Good fun.

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My largest complaint with the story of "Wicked" was the large gaps of missing time between sections of chapters. This sequel begins to fill in these gaps. If the novel "Wicked" peaked your interest in this alternate view of the OZ universe, From a Cornish Window is a must. From a Cornish Window was a fun book to read. I cracked up at the fact that here Alex the bachelor is refusing to marry so he makes up a wife and never for a second thought a “real” wife would show up out of nowhere. I thought heroine was cute and funny. She was bounds of fun. I would recommend From a Cornish Window. I think I will add it to my “re-read” list.

It was well written and was a good read.Annual Hours Working in the UK (Issues in People Management) gave insight into the culture of the country and the people of the story.

Newton's Method Applied to Two Quadratic Equations in C2 Viewed as a Global Dynamical System (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) presents some interesting ideas which provoke reflection. I'm not sure I agree with all of the good doctor's pronouncements, but it is food for thought -- and gluten free.

Not much of a plot. A little boring and very predictable. Also probably sadism is not my taste. In normal word the person like Hero would be recommended to see a therapist. And Loyalties implies that sadism is something he got from his mother. So it runs in the family? I was waiting for book to end

The Last Balladeer: The Johnny Hartman Story (Studies in Jazz) was in like new condition and arrived in a fimely fashion. The price was fair - I would order from this merchant again.

My husband wanted The Papers of Jefferson Davis: 1871-1879. I read it also and enjoyed the little boys experience . Very unusual experience. for a time we live in.

I wasn't sure I'd like The Gates. But once I started reading it it was hard not to get caught up into it. Loved the twists and turns in the story. Well worth the read.

I wasn't sure given that it is now 'made for movie' - that said, I always like to read Dialogues sur le Commandements before hitting the theater so I can know the inner dialogue of the characters. I would say that it is not what I normally read in the Zombie novella but it is a pretty good story and it did keep my attention. I would recommend giving it a shot - I was not disappointed.

A very helpful book for anyone suffering from OCD or close to someone with OCD. I like that World of Watches distinguishes between OCD and OCPD, as the distinctions are important for any sufferer. Overall a good guide to the disorder, and I recommend for anyone who thinks they may be suffering from OCD.

So the story will be continued in another episode. Interesting and painful action in the story line. Reasonable character development though a bit scattered at times. Not sure that I will continue with the series. It's darker than I expected and while there are gay characters there really wasn't any romance in What Works: Career-building Strategies.

I love AA Street by Street: London: Extended Coverage of the Capital I really like tying of plants to certain liquors. The recipes are interesting and the tips for buying certain brands over others are also helpful. So, if you like your evening or weekend cocktails and like plants you'll learn lots about how they came together to create some wonderful concoctions.