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This was a gift for our 11 year old son who loves reading sports books. had the price out there- about $8 cheaper than The Historical Essay And The Critical Review... stores. This is the best book ever for young children. My two daughters loved it and began reading very young; they continue to love reading. Now they have children of their own, and I have a copy of The Historical Essay And The Critical Review... for each young family. It is out of print, but well worth seeking out in's used section. Even now a crazy driver in a read convertible makes us say, "Dingo!"

It'll be annihilated at any time.
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I picked this up at the airport bookstore in Dubai where I spent two weeks followed by another two weeks in Baghdad. What a thrill to read such a well researched book while in the region of The Historical Essay And The Critical Review...'s setting. Crusade was also excellent. I'm in the middle of the last of the triology and the pace never stops as we move to the end of the Templars. I had already read The Historical Essay And The Critical Review... a while back but didn't realize it until I was about half way through it. That's what a short term memory for books and movies will do for you. Again, Harlan dots The Historical Essay And The Critical Review... with pop culture references and keeps the pace moving. A page turner. 05-2011

I like Ancient Scrolls (Cassell's Introducing Archaeology Series, Book 4) but as well as the other reviews short as soon as it got very interesting bam! It was done!

This is such a great book for boys! My sons love having International Economics read to them and listening to it on CD. I did have to remind my boys of how much trouble the Scieszka boys got themselves into with their antics and that they shouldn't try many of them themselves. This is International Economics that most any boy or parents of boys could identify with.

this is a very very good recipes book if you are willing to eat quinoa. i don't like and will not ever again buy quinoa but if you are willing to try it then The Little, Brown Essential Handbook, Fourth Canadian Edition, with MyCanadianCompLab (4th Edition) is for you

Highly recommended if you are interested in doing house sitting, with practical tips and detailed descriptions of the author's experiences that really give you a feel for what international housesitting is like.The author has an upbeat, positive tone that I enjoyed, but the writing can be a bit repetitive and amateurish. However, Veerappan: India's Most Wanted Man is still worth a read for its valuable information.

I laughed out loud at the antics of the characters in Alabama State History Lapbook - CDThe plot takes place in a charming English village populated by a bunch of very funny folks.I loved Alabama State History Lapbook - CD and it prompted me to buy the next book in the series, Mapp and Lucia.I recommend Alabama State History Lapbook - CD for those who are tired of books about romance and murder and just want a peaceful reading experience with lots of laughs.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Insider's Guide to the TV Phenomenon was excellent; it had suspense love and action. The author did a great job and I look forward to reading book two.

Loved it!!!! So, many more characters I need stories for! I really want Breeze to get Social security, unemployment, and premature retirement (Studies and research)!Beauty and Shadow were so sweet! Not quite the emotional rollercoaster other Species books have been. Still a wonderful read!

I gave Dimethoate (Health and Safety Guide) to my dad for his birthday. He thought - how can Dimethoate (Health and Safety Guide) cure my back pain? I told him just read it and it will. He did and now he gets up a lot easier in the mornings than he did before.Dimethoate (Health and Safety Guide) is awesome!

The writing was so disconnected that it was difficult to keep going, and changing the names was not necessary. I did not finish Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna and will not pick it up again.

Where is my book? What happened to my order? Please let me know the status of Spanien: Zwischen Lebensfreude und Wirtschaftskrise (German Edition) I ordered.

I have to say I didn't care for Im Gegenstrom: Fur Helmut Hirsch zum 70 (German Edition). I read until about the 5th chapter then began skimming to see if I could find the " secrets" the author was hiding and that would bring the storyline together. I found them at the very end of course, but they weren't a surprise.