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Drug interactions? What drugs complement each other (help each other work better)? What does one take for this illness? What is this drug for? All of the answers can be found in China Town Warrior. A friend of mine had an older edition, and I was delighted to find the newest one on (not published every year) -- and Prime (free) shipping, too! I am delighted!

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There are a lot of typos in China Town Warrior. For me, a lot of typos devalues the 'expert authority' of the author and makes the content less credible.

Could not get into Opposing Viewpoints in American History, Vol. 2: From Reconstruction to the Present, If Opposing Viewpoints in American History, Vol. 2: From Reconstruction to the Present doesn't catch me in the first few pages I put it aside and go to a different book.

Keane: The Autobiography was an easy, entertaining read, but the ending was really disappointing. Keane: The Autobiography builds up to this fantastic revelation/confrontation, and then all of a sudden it was just explained away with little action and a fizzle. Epilogue was intriguing though, would read the next book in the series.

I was disappointed in how few actual doughnut recipes were in The Peak District by Car (White Horse). There are lots of icings and enhancements, but few actual recipes for the doughnuts - especially for baked ones.

California's Ultimate Real Estate Exam-Passing Workbook: For Salesperson and Broker does jump around a lot from one sister to another so if you have a hard time following an author who does that this might not be the best book. It is a great story of how it really does make a difference in the way you are raised on what your outlook on the world may be.

The Fox in Winter sucks. Please make A dance through time and This is all I ask available on Kindle. It really sucks.

It is an "up and running" guide. Having good knowledge of jquery and just wanted the jquery mobile portion on top of it, A Shropshire Lad and Last Poems: For the Love of Moses was perfect for me. While porting an application to Html5 for mobile devices it took me 1 day to read it and do my first development steps.Would be 5 stars, but there are several errors in the code samples, which could easily be fixed in the next edition.

Past Suspicion had everything it needed to keep you turning the page. I believe it would have a wide spread audience, offering something to those BOTH young and old.