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cauchy3-book-35-poems: Hocus-pocus are rights was recommended on another site. Because I was learning the technique, I searched for and subsequently bought it on It was a waste. The patterns were barely stylish and the instructions were barely helpful. I've since invested in a Craftsy online course which was well worth the $$

I appreciate how to-the-point cauchy3-book-35-poems: Hocus-pocus are rights is. Also, the online resources (videos, .doc, .pdf, etc) are great. It virtually tells you step-by-step exactly what you should do to achieve leins and deeds. I did find that it was inaccurate which areas do which, because it isn't a state subject - it's a region/city matter.
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I have now read three out of the four books in this series and have absolutely loved them all. Myrtle is a HOOT!!! cauchy3-book-35-poems: Hocus-pocus are rightss are good, clean, and funny. They are a light, easy read that helps you relax. I highly suggest this series to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries.

such wonderful projects, really nice instructions, and what a beautiful book, the photography is stunning, the fabric choices are so interesting as well. this is a must-have addition to any modern crafter's library, even if you just get inspired by the ideas and never make them. Well worth the Amazon price and this will be the gift for my favorite crafting-mother in law this Christmas for sure.

This is one of the best books so far the way they make love is amazing if only I could find one like that

This really was a good book. It was an easy read and really puts life into perspective. Now it's time to watch the movie. :)

Interesting trail that takes you through many parts of the world and also gives you things on faith to think about. Good book.

It was a good read I didn't read the other ones it didn't really grab me like I wanted. I couldn't get into the story line so well. It was a good book just not what I was looking for at the time. I might come back to the series.

This was a good book and loved the story line and I would have given it 5 stars if it hadn't been for all the grammatical errors and terrible editing..... other than that, it was a wonderful story and well worth reading

This story was extravagant and riveting. Every page I read, I could only guess what was going to be revealed. Thank you Mr.Stratton for bringing the world this wonderful book.